10 Internet Millionaires Who Made Fortunes Out Of Thin Air

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#1 Matthew Mullenweg Makes the Internet Go With WordPress

What better way to make a fortune off of the Internet, than to literally build the foundation on which it’s written? That’s exactly what Matthew Mullenweg did when he created WordPress. The free and open source blogging tool is used by more than 23% of the top 10 million websites on the net and is the most popular blogging system in the world, used by more than 60 million websites globally. In 2014, WordPress was the 23rd most popular site on the web.
As the lead developer, Mullenweg – along with co-founder Mike Little – has embedded the WordPress template in every corner of the Internet. There’s a great chance that nearly all of your favorite blogging sites employ it to get their content to your laptop, tablet or phone. As a result, Mullenweg has a net worth of over $40 million. Not bad for someone who left college early to work at CNET, then quit that within a year to start the company that would create his massively-lucrative product.
Valued today at over a billion dollars, WordPress was able to intrinsically link itself to the ground floor of the modern day Internet. It’s as if architecture suddenly changed, and Mullenweg invented the new type of steel that nearly EVERY building would be built with. Not a bad place to be. And not a bad rocket to ride straight to millionaire status.

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