13-Year-Old Set To Make Millions After Brilliant Invention To Help Blind

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13-year-old set to Make Millions After Brilliant Invention to Help Blind

Around the same time that 13-year-old Shubham Banerjee needed to start work on a school science project, he came across a flyer advertising fundraising for the blind.
So Banerjee decided to kill two birds with one stone and focus his science project on a clever innovation to aid the blind in reading braille.
Needless to say, LEGO is one of the most successful toys in history, and part of the reason for that is that with those little bricks and the knobs perched on top, a person can build just about anything.

And so, Banerjee got to work on building a braille printer using nothing but a LEGO Robotics Kit.
“When I found out the cost of a braille printer, I was shocked,” he said. “I just wanted to help the visually impaired. I had a LEGO Robotics Kit, so I asked, why not just try that?”
A few weeks and $500 later, this 13-year-old kid had succeeded in building an efficient and operational braille printer.
$500 might seem like a lot, but seeing as every other braille printer on the market was upwards of $2000, Banerjee had just undercut every other processing company fourfold.
He called his new invention “Braigo” and registered his company “Braigo Labs” through the necessary processes, only to receive a call from corporate giant Intel, who congratulated him on his work and offered to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in his vision for making braille printers more attainable for the blind.
Now, Banerjee is working with people from Intel to further develop his braille printer, and he says his finished product should be on shelves as early as next year.

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