5 Confessions Of A Ski Instructor

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#6 Introduction

We all dream about dropping everything and just disappearing off to a magical ski slope in some cozy rocky mountainscape somewhere and becoming a ski instructor – even if we don’t know jack about skiing, aren’t good at skiing, or don’t even like skiing.
It’s not necessarily the skiing and snowboarding that does it for us; it’s the solitude! The atmosphere!
The blissful existence that is waking up everyday in a room that is paid for by your employer, eating a breakfast that’s paid for by your employer, and jumping on a chairlift up a beautiful to start your day looking out at the amazing scenery while people from all over the world make their way up the mountain on a chair and make their way back down in much more of a rush.
But as it turns out, there’s a dark side to the world of ski instructing… a seedy underbelly of the skiing community that people from outside of that world had no idea about. Well, now we’ve been given a glimpse at the more truthful thoughts that run through a ski instructor’s head as we awkwardly climb off the chairlift and stumble through the snow for our skiing adventures.
Our informer’s name is Sven (not really) and here are his confessions of what it’s like to be a ski instructor.

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