9 Actors Predicted To Be The Next Marvel Superstars

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#2 Vin Diesel — Inhumans


Inhumans is a fascinating installment of Marvel’s comic book world, and has been cited as similar in tone to the X-Men movies. The movie’s Royal Family of the Inhumans is led by the character of Blackbolt, who is renowned for his unusual and fantastical abilities and skills. His portrayal on the big screen has to make an impact, and is going to be scrutinised by fans the world over, so it’s important that the casting is just right.

Widely agreed rumours suggest that on November 2nd, 2018, Marvel fans will bear witness to the sight of Vin Diesel taking on the task of playing Blackbolt. He has already voiced Groot in movie Guardians of the Galaxy, so his involvement in Inhumans seems likely.

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