Fake Baby From American Sniper On Charlie Rose

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American Sniper Fake Baby Interview

In the much lauded and critically acclaimed latest Clint Eastwood film, American Sniper, a scene in which the characters are played by Sienna Miller and Bradley Cooper has been stolen by an up-and-coming talent. The youngster plays its part and attracts attention in the scene, not through overt and virtuosic acting chops, but through remaining the strong silent character around which the scene revolves. Some are even calling the little one, “the fakest baby in movie history”. High praise indeed.
Hollywood often uses props and fake this and that’s. Babies are a mere part of that and really, if the movie is shot, directed and produced well enough, we will never even notice right? Wrong. Everyone has noticed. During the emotional and quite serious scene, Cooper can be seen carrying the baby which is so stiff, they should probably be on their way to the hospital. Surely it can’t be easy for someone so young and inexperienced to take centre stage in between two actors of such esteemed resumes.
So just how does the “the fakest baby in movie history” go about preparing for such a role? Find out in the video below, as the fake baby from American Sniper takes time out from receiving praise from all angles, to speak with talk show host Charlie Rose.

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