Small Sumo Wrestler Thinks Outside The Circle To Defeat Much Larger Opponent

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Chiyonokuni vs Takanoyama – Part 2

Chiyonokuni Toshiki is a young and successful professional Japanese sumo wrestler from Iga, Mie, Japan. He tops the scales at about 126 kilograms, or 278 pounds. So in back in 2012, the year he made his debut, you might think that when he came up against the first professional sumo wrestler to ever come from the Czech Republic, Takanoyama Shuntarō (born Pavel Bojar) who weighed a mere 98 kilograms, or 216 pounds, the former would have the advantage.
Whilst Bojar, who has since retired, did have ongoing issues within the sport due to his light weight, he also had something at that time that his heavier opponent didn’t; experience and cunning, which as you will see in the video, sometimes accounts for a great deal.
Pavel Bojar practiced judo in his native country before going to Japan to try his hand at sumo. Japan remains the only country in the world where sumo is a professional sport. Due to an exceptionally light frame for a sumo, Takanoyama would rely on a throwing technique to gain an advantage over heavier opponents, whose main form of attack would more typically come in the form of pushes with sheer body weight. But the more experienced of the two here shows another effective technique. And it just might be a little simpler than you expect.

Check out the video below.


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