Watch The Most Hilarious/Disgusting Prank Ever: The Elevator Squirting Poop Prank!

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poop elevator

Depending on what kind of person you are, the video below will either make you roll around on the floor in stitches laughing, or it will have you sprinting to the toilet to vomit everywhere in disgust.
It’s the single most disgusting, hilarious, cringe-worthy and outright shocking prank anyone has ever pulled… the squirting poop elevator prank.
No one enjoys the time they spend in an elevator as it is – it’s small, cramped, crowded, hot, awkward, inconvenient and generally unpleasant. We’ve all been in an elevator when someone has farted too, so we’re well aware of how much worse that can make your elevator experience.

But I’m willing to bet none of you have experienced a situation as ugly, smelly, disgusting and putrid as this one.
And if you have, than we certainly don’t envy you…
Scroll down to watch the prank that we’re all desperately hoping doesn’t turn into some kind of fad that rebellious kids feel the need to pull on unsuspecting elevator passengers all over the world!


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