First aid

6 recommendations to follow in the event of drowning


After taking the person out of the water, it is essential to lay him on his side so that he does not choke while coughing.

Many people lose their lives in drowning. What is most worrying is other people’s reaction to such an episode: ignorance around this subject decreases the chances of survival for victims.

Drowning is respiratory discomfort caused by an excessive amount of water. Despite the overcrowding, the reactions are late. The most affected are children and young people.

When the water is cold, the state of the central nervous system is better preserved. Therefore, the victim can hold out longer before first aid.

Following several recommendations improves the chances of survival and can save a life. Check them out below.

When faced with drowning, stay calm

Staying calm is essential not only in the face of drowning but in the face of any emergency.

Panicking won’t help. Nervousness ultimately affects the capabilities of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to take a deep breath to act correctly.

Find a specialized agency to help you

Take your cell phone and dial an emergency number.

If you don’t have a cell phone, ask someone to seek help nearby.

Address the person

This recommendation is essential. Approach quickly but with caution.

Take it out of the water.

It would be best if you got out of the water as soon as possible. When you bring the victim back to dry land, their body should be positioned face up with the spine, head, and neck aligned. This position will avoid injury or aggravate existing injuries. Once out of the water, position it on its side.

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 Check the person’s health status

Drowning can result in partial or total loss of consciousness. Just because the victim’s eyes are open doesn’t mean all of their senses are intact.

Therefore, in the first place, it is recommended to guarantee his state of consciousness. A few questions are enough. For example: “What is your name?” or “How old are you?” Also, tell him to cough.

If coughing, observe whether the victim expels water or not. If not, the victim should tilt their head while lying down.

After a drowning, cardiac massage may be necessary.

This recommendation is a little more complex. Someone with first aid knowledge should only perform CPR if the person is completely unconscious.

In the same way, Word-of-mouth can only be done by a professional. Ideally, seek help as soon as possible.