Taking care of your skin in winter


Taking care of your skin in summer seems obvious to protect it from the sun. But did you know that your skin also needs your full attention in winter? Indeed, winter conditions such as cold, wind, or temperature changes make it more fragile. Discover our miraculous tips to take care of your skin in winter and keep it soft and well-hydrated!

What are the effects of winter on the skin?

Whether you live in the city, the country, the north or the south of your country, the cold inevitably returns every year for several months in a more or less intense way and puts your skin to a severe test. Whether you love it or hate it, winter has effects on your skin, both negative and positive! Here is an overview of the impact of winter on your skin.

The positive points of the cold on the skin in winter

And yes! The cold, known to weaken your skin, also has unsuspected benefits. On the one hand, cold applied to the skin in minimal doses and over limited period tones up the skin tissue and thus helped to limit the sagging of the skin, which is well known to mature skin. Cold is also used in specific cosmetic treatments in cryotherapy to fight the appearance of signs of skin aging or to smooth out wrinkles if they have already set in.

On the other hand, when you are injured, a cold also has an anti-inflammatory effect on your face. It also helps to stimulate blood microcirculation and give you a healthy glow. If you have bags under your eyes, the cold can also be your ally in assisting them in disappearing, thanks to its decongestant effect.

Why does cold weather damage the skin? 

 Cold weather alters the quality of your skin due to several factors. Firstly, during the cold season, your body reacts and adapts accordingly to maintain a sufficient body temperature. This explains why, if you stay too long exposed to the cold, you will notice that your fingers, ears, or nose develop frostbite and turn blue-purple if you do not wear the right equipment.

The skin changes with less blood flow:

  • The complexion becomes duller.
  • Dead cells accumulate more on the skin’s surface.
  • The hydrolipidic film weakens. 

How to protect your skin in winter?

 All these elements make the skin more fragile and vulnerable to external aggressions, such as fine particles in the atmosphere, the sun’s rays, or the wind. It can become drier, dehydrated, and rougher if an appropriate beauty routine is not implemented.

Gently exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub

 It may seem counterproductive to exfoliate your skin if it is already dry and fragile. However, gentle exfoliation with a skincare product adapted to your skin type removes accumulated dead skin and helps cell renewal. Exfoliation also allows you to optimize the effectiveness of the care products you will apply afterward, such as a nourishing or moisturizing mask. For good exfoliation, choose gentle scrubs with fruit acids and use light circular movements to avoid redness!

Moisturize your skin

Taking care of your skin in winter and getting healthy also means remembering to moisturize your skin every day, morning and night. After cleansing your skin, apply a moisturizer to your face, neck, and décolleté. Many moisturizing creams are on the market; the latter must be adapted to your skin’s needs. Opt for creamy textures such as vegetable oil or nourishing night cream in winter. However, for oily and combination skin, opt for more fluid surfaces so as not to overload your skin and thus encourage the appearance of imperfections.

Protect your skin from UV rays, even in winter!

 In the summer, you’re likely to apply high-SPF sun cream to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful effects. Although less intense, the sun’s UV rays are no less damaging to your skin during the winter, even through the clouds! So continue to use cosmetic products with SPF to create a protective barrier, such as foundation or moisturizing day cream.

Makeup and makeup removal: choosing the right products

 As with your skincare routine, your makeup and makeup removal routine should be adapted to this new winter season. If you tend to have dry skin, swap your powder foundation for a creamy texture that will dry your skin less. The same goes for lipstick: if they manage to chafe during the winter, opt for a lip balm or gloss that is both nourishing and tinted.

In the evening, remove your makeup with products adapted to your skin type and prefer vegetable oil or care products with creamy textures to milk, lotions, or mousses.

Taking care of your hands and lips in winter

In addition to your face and body, your hands and lips also need special care in winter. And for a good reason, the skin on these areas is much thinner than the rest of the body. Moreover, the skin on the lips is devoid of hydrolipidic film, and they tend to chafe if they do not receive appropriate care.

What foods to choose for beautiful skin in winter?

 As you know, having beautiful skin requires applying adequate care, but also from the inside! After the end-of-year celebrations, which are often rich in dietary excesses, the skin can have a duller appearance, and imperfections can appear. To regenerate your skin, include fresh products such as seasonal fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals in your daily menu. Your skin will be radiant!

It would help if you also focused on foods you can eat to have beautiful skin. For example, we can mention foods rich in vitamin C to revitalize your skin and foods rich in essential fatty acids such as fatty fish, avocado, or vegetable oils. Finally, stay hydrated (at least 1.5 L of water per day)! Infusions, teas, unsweetened chocolate: the choice is vast in winter to satisfy all your cravings.

Food supplements, a solution to protect your skin in winter

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